Quick Tips

Quick Tips are free, downloadable resources that can you use to talk with your friends or family members about substance use and mental health disorders.

Click on the below images to download a Quick Tip resource sheet. You can save and download them on your phone or computer, or print a copy to share with someone else.

Substance Use


How to Recognize Street Drugs



Pregnancy and Substance Use

Opioid Use and Signs of Opioid Overdose

Signs of Substance Use

Signs of Substance Use for Parents


Substance Use The Importance of Early Recognition and Intervention



Mental Health

Motivation to Change

Signs of Depression

Signs of Mental Health Disorders in Adults

Signs of Mental Health Disorders in Youth

Signs of Suicide in Adults

Signs of Suicide in Children

Staying Healthy

Signs of Anxiety

Signs of Bullying and Cyberbullying

Signs of Emotional Distress

Signs of Grief

Signs of Stress

What is Stigma